ICSCE 2020: Digital Twin for Infrastructures in Vietnam

Our Newton Fund project “Digital twin model for structural health monitoring of lifeline infrastructures in Vietnam” has now advanced into the development stage. The prototype concept of the Digital Twin has been trialled in the lab with a basic bridge model.

The partner in Vietnam, University of Transport and Communications, has organised the Third International Conference on Sustainability in Civil Engineering (ICSCE 2020) in Hanoi on 26th/27th November as one of the planned dissemination events. The Conference Chair, Dr Thanh T. Bui (the project’s PI in Vietnam) has led the committee team and dedicated one session for project topic of “Digital Twin for Structural Health Monitoring,” contributing to the general conference theme “Building a Green Infrastructure for Living.”

Photo with participants
Special Session on Digital Twin Technologies
Project team in Vietnam

During the session, Prof. Huan Nguyen (the UK’s PI) and Dr Hung Dang (Research Fellow) gave a keynote via Zoom, discussing the latest results on the development of the digital twin model through different stages of the project, from the basic model bridges to the more scaled up developments. Audience showed great interest in the project, particularly the real-data validation and handling and the machine learning elements. Discussion was then moved onto potential collaboration among the researchers between the UK and Vietnam.

The event was attended by the leaders from Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Transport, as well as professors, doctors, hundreds of scientists from home and abroad (USA, UK, Japan, Portugal, Singapore), and sponsor representatives.

A presentation at the session

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