Digital Twin for Open RAN towards 6G: Visiting partners HCL and IISc in India

From 8th April to 13th April, Prof. Huan Nguyen and Dr Quoc-Tuan Vien paid a visit to our project partners HCL (Noida), TCS (Pune) and Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), India. This EPSRC funded project (within the UKI-FNI network) is progressing well at this stage. The partners discussed the potential Digital Twin (DT) architecture to improve automation and efficiency of the operation of the Open RAN. Difference use cases of traffic steering, anomaly detection and energy efficiency were discussed in details. Development of xApps/rApps for this purpose was already attempted. The LDTRC team explored different 5G facilities from our partners in India. In-person meetings among the partners will resume in the UK soon.

Meeting with Prof. K. V. S. Hari (SSP Lab), Prof. Chandra Murthy (5G Lab), and Prof. Pradipta Biswas (Digital Twin Lab) at IISc, India. Ramesh Sriraman from HCL (Chennai) joined us at the meeting too.
Meeting with HCL team at the impressive HCL Noida facilities: Amit Srivastava, Sunil Kumar Singh, Deepanshu Karnwal
With team HCL
Visiting 5G Testbed at IISc, Bangalore
Meeting with HCL team in Hanoi, Vietnam