Women in STEM

Funders: British Council.

Duration: 2023-2024

Project Team: Prof. Xiaohong Gao, Dr. Kelly Androutsopoulos, Dr. Serengul Smith, Prof. Franco Raimondi, and Prof Huan Nguyen.

Brief Description of the Project

The London Digital Twin Research Centre has teamed up with colleagues from Computer Science department to successfully secure two British Council grants worth ~£400,000 (for a second year in a row) to support Women in STEM 2023/24 through the scholarships for Masters study and postdoctoral fellowships. There are 6 scholarships and 3 fellowships to be advertised to the prospective candidates in the East/South Asia region. Watch out for this space!

Candidates are encouraged to apply for these positions in the following (but not limited to) areas for 2023-2024:

  • AI in medical applications, Machine learning techniques for medical images, early cancer detection
  • System verification, Model checking, formal methods, software engineering
  • Digital twinning for healthcare, structures, Industry 4, manufacturing, EV battery, agriculture and telecom networks
  • Enabling techniques for 5G/6G and IoT communication systems
  • Evolutionary algorithms for food science and technology
  • Extended finite state machines
  • Natural language processing for social media -AI-based decision support system for post-COVID health monitoring
  • Explainable AI
  • Data augmentation through human vision¬†
  • AI rules in intelligent environment
  • Multi-agent systems-Modal + temporal patterns

Once arriving in London, each fellow will be allocated to an academic supervisory team inclusive of both female and male mentors and a research group. Scholars are encouraged to join weekly group seminars and monthly departmental symposiums. Library and IT support (free laptops) as well as Canine teaching assistants (dogs) are available to help them to reduce stress, anxiety and homesick. If in need, free disability support is also available to them.

For those who have pre-school age children, MU offers an in-campus nursery that is at subsidised price (20.6% less). The nursery is governed and inspected by the UK Ofsted and delivers high standard care and education.

Furthermore, all the scholars are welcome to stay at any of 5 near-campus student accommodation halls affording at varying prices. In addition to access to a range of well-equipped sport facilities, scholars can also enjoy a variety of international food at campus in-door food stalls.

Fellows are encouraged to participate national and international conferences, which will be paid by the allocated department (CS or DEM) or funded projects they have joined in. All the scholars are invited to join the Women in Computing (WIC) group, which has a dedicated Facebook account and regularly organises academic and social events, both internally and externally (onsite and online).

The proposed supervisors/mentors (Gao, Raimondi, Nguyen, Androutsopoulos, and Smith) will spend at least 4 hours per week with the chosen fellows.