London Digital Twin Research Centre

The London Digital Twin Research Centre (LDTRC), based in Middlesex University London, focuses on the development of state-of-the-art technology in digital realisation of the physical world. The developments in this centre focus on the digital transformation of physical environments, whether it is industry, infrastructure, healthcare or transportation using concepts and technologies from the notion of a “digital twin”. The current work in the LDTRC focuses on the following core aspects: Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 (I4.0), Structure Health Monitoring (SHM), Healthcare Resilience, Heritage Restoration, Agriculture Resilience, 5G/6G Networks, Sociotechnical Twins, and Environment and Enterprise Management.

Digital twin research for different use cases at LDTRC

Supported by the Newton Fund, LDTRC is conducting research using DT technology to support early detection of infrastructure damage with University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi (Vietnam). The project focuses on development of Digital Twins for SHM and prediction systems to enable continuous monitoring of bridges and other vital infrastructures. It also aims to develop translational techniques to implement the technology for various infrastructure elements.

A second project funded by the UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) is fostering research in Digital Twin modelling for automation, monitoring and maintenance in Industry 4.0 smart factory concepts and is in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sricity (India).  The aim of this work is to develop more sophisticated tools to enable high productivity, lower running costs, product quality improvement, minimized maintenance and shutdown to keep up with rapid advancements in manufacturing technologies and industry transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Other ongoing projects include the development of digital twinning for OpenRAN in 5G/6G networks, heritage restoration (Egypt), healthcare resilience (Indonesia), urban resilience in agriculture (Vietnam),.

In collaboration with TCS Research Labs, India and Aston University, UK, a third project is researching the development of agent-based modelling languages and environments as the basis of foundational DT technology.

The Centre also oversees research collaborations in a multi-disciplinary context and is participating in knowledge transfer of DT research capability through the Connected Curriculum project in partnership with Siemens. The LDTRC will also provide a focal point for PhD/MPhil students and final year students conducting their projects, facilitated by our facilities and members of staff.