Predictive Campus Twin

Project: Predictive Campus Twin (PCT) – Infrastructure, Construction and Built Environment

As part of London Digital Twin Research Centre and Middlesex University’s endeavours in researching Digital Twins in the field of infrastructure and construction, the university is embarking on creating a campus wide project to implement a Predictive Digital Twin system for assets, buildings, processes and infrastructure. This will integrate all university digital systems, assets and be able to analyse continuous feedback of live data and telemetry to derive / predict patterns in assets, components, users and social behaviour to be able to actuate decisions that will enhance performance efficiency of the campus and user / stakeholders satisfaction. It will also open up multitudes of opportunities for inter faculty collaboration for student teaching, learning and research projects that can be implemented on real projects in collaboration with industry. Hence many expert faculty around the university from different disciplines will be involved in the project from Construction, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics, Product Design, Information Systems, Computer networks, Business, Law, Arts, Interior Design etc.

This project targets the following areas:

    • Sustainability and energy efficiency
    • Estates operations, occupancy, waste management efficiency
    • Research, teaching and learning excellence, including inter-faculty collaboration
    • Zero carbon agenda
    • Governance and Knowledge transfer
    • Modernisation of staff work methods and student grind
    • University portfolio / reputation growth and financial development

The project presents another research theme at London Digital Twin Research Centre in Building Information Modelling (BIM), asset management and infrastructure process optimisation using the Digital Twin technology, in collaboration with Estates department and the industrial partner Buro Happold, a global Engineering and Construction firm specialising in integrated digital delivery.


    • Lead: Dr Noha Saleeb (BIM, Digital Twin, and Construction), co-lead: Zuzana Botkova (Assets and estates)
    • Shaun Farrell and David Green (Buro Happold)
    • Prof Mehmet Karamanoglu and Prof Balbir Barn (Governance, Zero Carbon agenda, and University portfolio)
    • Prof Huan Nguyen, Dr Ramona Trestian, and Dr Purav Shah (5G/6G, Digital Twin and IoT for smart campus)