UK-India Workshop on Enhancing Employability of Higher Education Graduates in Industry 4.0 (IoT, Wireless Systems, CPS and Digital Twins)

Middlesex University, UK and Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Sri City, India are hosting a hybrid workshop on Skill-sets for technology-based employment for university graduates on Friday 15th July 2022, 09:00 to 13:30 (UK time) 13:30 to 18:00 (IST). The workshop is funded by the British Council under the Going Global Partnerships Grant and is aimed to disseminate the information on specific skill-sets required for next generation of university graduates, primarily in the area of Industry 4.0. The workshop would present the different technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Physical System (CPS), Wireless Communications and Digital Twins that the university graduates are required to have knowledge of.

The workshop aims at application domains of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and aspects of product life cycle and predictive maintenance The workshop would have invited talks from several UK and Indian academia and industry professionals on specific skill-sets for improving employability and the industrial applications. The workshop is a joint effort by Middlesex University, UK and Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Sri City, India.

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Publication News: Smart manufacturing with Industrial IoTs and machine learning

As part of the work from Project “Digital twin for Industry 4”, the project team have developed deep learning techniques and advanced/timely solutions of Industrial IoTs, communication (e.g., Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) to address the automation and smart processes in manufacturing and factory settings. The outcomes were accepted for publications in two journal papers on the highly reputed IEEE Journal of Internets of Things.

Paper 1: RIS-aided Smart Manufacturing: Information Transmission and Machine Health Monitoring

Paper 2: Unsupervised Deep Learning-based Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Broadcasting Communications in Industrial IoTs

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First milestone of the Digital twin based healthcare resilience project

Under the Going Global Partnerships (GGP) project “Healthcare resilience using Digital Twin” funded by the British Council, the project teams from both LDTRC (UK) and UGM (Indonesia) holds the first workshop on 23rd May 2022 to deliver the initial outcomes on the investigation of digital twin technology for healthcare resilience. There are talks from other stakeholders and partners, including Dr Souvik Brat from TCS (India), Dr. Titik Supiyati and Mr. Joko Budi Santosa/dr.Chusnun from Public Health Office Kulon Progo, dr. V. Evita Setyaningrum, MPH from Puskesmas Mlati 2, dr. Tari Astuti from Puskesmas Samigaluh 2 and dr. Dewi Ratmasari, MPH from Academic Hospital UGM, Sunandar Hariyanto, ST., M.Eng from Health informatics company. Another GGP project team (UK-India) represented by Dr. Purav Shah (UK) and Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman (India) present their work on relevant topics of developing curriculum for automation and industry 4 with digital technologies. Continue reading “First milestone of the Digital twin based healthcare resilience project”

Roundtable discussion on development of environmental digital twins

On 31st March 2022, Prof. Huan Nguyen represented the London Digital Twin Research Centre (LDTRC) at the roundtable discussion organised by National Oceanography Centre (NOC). The event focused on sharing ideas and lessons on how developers and users can collaborate on digital twins for environment, as part of the ongoing project on information management framework funded by National Environmental Research Council – UK Research & Innovation (NERC-UKRI) and the Met Office.

The event included talks from NOC, National Digital Twin Programme (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), Joint Centre for Excellence in Environment Intelligence (Met Office), and Alan Turing Institute. Around 20 representatives from different departmental and research organisations were in attendance, e.g., the British Geological Survey (BGS), the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH). During the event, Prof. Nguyen shared the lessons learnt on federated digital twins and data sharing currently implemented in various projects of smart factory, structures at LDTRC. Useful information was also shared and exchanged from other guests with a summary to be sent to the UK government to contribute and feed into the digital twin work programme.

Keynote Speech at Heritech 2022: Digital Twin for Heritage Management

Prof. Huan Nguyen and Dr Noha Saleeb today delivered keynote speeches on the digital twin technology and how it helps in heritage management and restoration at the annual Heritech 2022 conference organised by Van Lang University (Vietnam).

Digital Twin represents the interconnection and convergence between a physical system and its digital representation created as an entity of its own, making it the focus of the global digital transformation within a wide range of areas, such as: manufacturing, infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, as it has the potential to optimize the operational processes. The speeches focus on the concept and the current stage of the digital twin technology and its development for heritage management and restoration, where heritage situation in Egypt was presented as a case study, as part of our ongoing work at the London Digital Twin Research Centre.

More details on HERITECH 2022_Programme

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Keynote Talk at MDENET Symposium 2022

On 26th January 2022, Prof. Balbir Barn from LDTRC delivered a keynote talk on “Digital Twin: Current Practice and Future (Sociotechnical) Prospects” at the MDENET Symposium 2022. Digital Twin research and activity is prevalent such that Digital Twins are acquiring silver bullet status. In the United Kingdom in particular, Digital Twin features as a key strand in future-proofing UK infrastructure such as that described in the UK Innovation Strategy. Notably, Digital Twins (DT) have a family resemblance to computational modelling and computer simulation more generally. The talk outlined the importance of the role of DT, their key characteristics, the types of digital twin and their underpinning enabling technologies. Continue reading “Keynote Talk at MDENET Symposium 2022”

Kick off Project “Digital Twin for Healthcare Resilience”

The London Digital Twin Research Centre has today kicked-off another British Council project that aims to develop curriculum on “Digital Twin for Health System Resilience” with partner Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) and other associated partners Health Office at Kulon Progo, Mlati II & Samigaluh II Primary Healthcare and PT Sisfomedika, within the Going Global Partnerships Indonesia programme.

Here is the link to the Kick-off meeting programme

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Kick off Project “Urban Resilience in Agriculture”

The London Digital Twin Research Centre has today kicked-off the project “Urban Resilience in Agriculture Through Highly Automated Vertical Farming in Vietnam and the UK” with partner Van Lang University and Khang Thinh Irrigation Tech (Vietnam), within the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme.

Link to the details of the Programme

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