First milestone of the Digital twin based healthcare resilience project

Under the Going Global Partnerships (GGP) project “Healthcare resilience using Digital Twin” funded by the British Council, the project teams from both LDTRC (UK) and UGM (Indonesia) holds the first workshop on 23rd May 2022 to deliver the initial outcomes on the investigation of digital twin technology for healthcare resilience. There are talks from other stakeholders and partners, including Dr Souvik Brat from TCS (India), Dr. Titik Supiyati and Mr. Joko Budi Santosa/dr.Chusnun from Public Health Office Kulon Progo, dr. V. Evita Setyaningrum, MPH from Puskesmas Mlati 2, dr. Tari Astuti from Puskesmas Samigaluh 2 and dr. Dewi Ratmasari, MPH from Academic Hospital UGM, Sunandar Hariyanto, ST., M.Eng from Health informatics company. Another GGP project team (UK-India) represented by Dr. Purav Shah (UK) and Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman (India) present their work on relevant topics of developing curriculum for automation and industry 4 with digital technologies.

This first workshop also holds discussions to gather inputs from stakeholders in the health sector regarding the development of the connected curriculum structure on digital twin technology for strengthening health system resilience, both from the challenges that may be faced and the potential benefits in its implementation in the Indonesian workforce/health system.

Detail of the programme is here: [Eng] Programme_Workshop 1

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