Publication News: Digital Twin-driven End-to-End Network Slicing Towards 6G

As part of our project ‘Digital Twin for Open RAN towards 6G,’ another line of project outcomes has now been published in the IEEE Internet Computing journal in the paper titled “Digital Twin-driven End-to-End Network Slicing Towards 6G.”

This is also part of Mahnoor Yaqoob’s PhD programme, where she is developing digital twin-based solutions for 6G systems. The work outlines how network slicing plays a key role in realising varied service requirements and aligning with the expectations of upcoming 6G networks.

The integration of a Network Digital Twin model enhances the management and orchestration of network slicing (both RAN and Core), providing a visual representation of the physical entities while allowing experimentation with resource allocation schemes.

This work advocates for Network Digital Twin as an important enabler of network slicing in 6G, emphasising the integration of AI for end-to-end Quality of Service provisioning.