Keynote Talk at MDENET Symposium 2022

On 26th January 2022, Prof. Balbir Barn from LDTRC delivered a keynote talk on “Digital Twin: Current Practice and Future (Sociotechnical) Prospects” at the MDENET Symposium 2022. Digital Twin research and activity is prevalent such that Digital Twins are acquiring silver bullet status. In the United Kingdom in particular, Digital Twin features as a key strand in future-proofing UK infrastructure such as that described in the UK Innovation Strategy. Notably, Digital Twins (DT) have a family resemblance to computational modelling and computer simulation more generally. The talk outlined the importance of the role of DT, their key characteristics, the types of digital twin and their underpinning enabling technologies. Continue reading “Keynote Talk at MDENET Symposium 2022”

Kick off Project “Digital Twin for Healthcare Resilience”

The London Digital Twin Research Centre has today kicked-off another British Council project that aims to develop curriculum on “Digital Twin for Health System Resilience” with partner Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) and other associated partners Health Office at Kulon Progo, Mlati II & Samigaluh II Primary Healthcare and PT Sisfomedika, within the Going Global Partnerships Indonesia programme.

Here is the link to the Kick-off meeting programme

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Kick off Project “Urban Resilience in Agriculture”

The London Digital Twin Research Centre has today kicked-off the project “Urban Resilience in Agriculture Through Highly Automated Vertical Farming in Vietnam and the UK” with partner Van Lang University and Khang Thinh Irrigation Tech (Vietnam), within the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme.

Link to the details of the Programme

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